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   Tissue microarray Organization compiles tissue microarray makers of providing quality tissue array, tissue microarray of normal, malignant or metastatic formats, to validate the clinical relevance of potential biological targets in the development of new diagnostics, therapeutics and study new protein markers and genes

Why use tissue microarray? Tissue microarray (TMA) or short term tissue array is a right tool for target validation by analyzing expression of genes and proteins in the multiple tissue samples (tens or hundreds of human tumor or normal).

How to choose tissue arrays from tissue microarray makers?

    1. Paraffin tissue - to ensure the quality of tissue microarrays suitable for In Situ Hybridization (ISH) or Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Staining , tissue must be processed no more than 48 hours of fixation. This step maybe crucial for intact mRNA and certain antigens which easily be shield by formalin cross-linking, which made antigen retrieval more difficult.
    2. Varieties of tissue types - tissue array makers or manufacturers who can provide maximum numbers of normal or tumor types including brain glioma, tumors of soft tissue, chondrosarcoma, head and neck, pancreatic, lymphoma, adrenal malignancy, penile cancer, vulvar cancer, endometrial carcinoma, thyroid and most common ones, such as stomach, liver, esophagus, breast, prostate, colon, rectum, cervix , lung, lymphoma and pancretic carcinoma, etc.) available in pre-made tissue arrays. Custom arrays shall be available upon request as well.
    3. Maximize available tissue cores - who can provide 80 cases of individual donor samples on one TMA comparing to 40-60 from most of other vendors. In the same time, keep the core size at 1.5 mm in diameter to make sure the tissue cores in the tissue microarray be representative. Some of arrays contains 200 cores, representing 200 cases with 1.0 mm in diameter in size. Tissue arrays with 600 cores in one slide is also possible with 1.0 mm size.
    4. More normal controls - who puts 40 tumor cores and 40 matched or unmatched normal adjacent tissue cores side by side in the same tissue microarray to facilitate the tumor progression and comparison studies of differential expression of genes and proteins in normal and tumor regions.
    5. Premium quality of tissue microarray - They are tested and works in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining, In Situ hybridization (ISH) and Fluorescent ISH (FISH) studies. The tissue cores are mounted on Fisher SuperFrost™ Positive charged glass, coated with thin layer of paraffin to prevent any possibility of oxidation or enzymic digestion. They are kept at 4oC. The tissue arrays are suitable for experiment at room temperature for at least two years.
    6. Precise pathology diagnosis - Every 10-20th sections of tissue microarray has to be stained with H & E and viewed by two board certified pathologists to make sure the pathology diagnosis are concurrent and matched to the adjacent serial sections.
    7. Highest Quality Control Standard. All tissue microarray slides must meet 90% or higher valid cores in a given section. Valid core means the tissue core not only remains 50% or higher intact, but pathology is also confirmed.
    8. Experienced manufacturer in the tissue microarray industry for years - a few years of experiences of making tissue microarray
    9. Huge product line - who can provide more than 100+ types of tissue microarray slides to choose from animals (mouse, rat, rhesus, cynomolgus) and human (adult or fetus)
    10. Flexibility to purchase - You can buy 1 or multiple slides, H&E stained or unstained slides at your choice. You shall not be forced to purchase in bundles with unnecessary HE slides or extra unstained paraffin slide.
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